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FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00



Dependable, savvy, professional and ultimate knowledge are just a few descriptive words to describe Mr. Michael Lloyd and the security professionals of Sogiic. Prior to Sogiic’s professional services, our sites were vulnerable to the unfortunate criminal acts that occurred consistently in the Prince George County area.
Residents are now confident that with Sogiic’s presence, our properties are well secured. Although, the security professionals are aggressive enough to control any and all challenging activity that occurs on site, they are caring, and generous professionals who give our residents the ease and confidence in knowing their safety is valued. As a Regional Manager of more than nine sites, I have very little time to worry if the security services are performing 100%; I feel confident in the ability of Mr. Lloyd and Sogiic. His proven success and direct involvement in working to make our communities safer makes them a phenomena.


.....................................L. Rogers, Regional Property Manager




Based in Baltimore, Maryland, SOGIIC is a State of Maryland MBE, DBE, and ACDBE certified secuirty solutions provider that customizes security solutions for small and large businesses, government facilites and residential housing complexes.

customized security solutions

Our experienced Secuity professionals who provide investigative services, executive protection, and threat assessments are seasoned professionals committed to providing you with the highest quality services.

With years of experience they work intently to provide services that are critical within today's business and economic environment. Whether it's targeted violence by disgruntled employees, tenant sabotage to property, or random criminal acts, SOGIIC has specialized services to counter these risks to your person and property.
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