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FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

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We heavily recruit former law enforcement and ex-military personnel. When you require armed officers, SOGIIC will specifically match an individual officer’s skill, knowledge, and experience to your requirements. We select our Guards using the highest standards of professionalism and honesty. To ensure excellence, we perform audit, background investigations and extensive screening procedures on each employee. Contact us for a quote on Armed Secuirty Services today.
Our unarmed Security Professionals are highly trained and many have previous military or law enforcement experience. They are trained for potentially volatile and dangerous scenarios and their analytical thinking and decision-making skills are at the highest levels. SOGIIC understands that many environments and situations do not call for armed secuirty personnel. To this, we offer our unarmed service options. Contact us for a quote on Unarmed Secuirty Services today.
Before all else, your protection is top priority, and as with any service, the discerning executive demands the best. Someone who is capable and efficient, with the skill to safely address any situation that arises.In many situations, the mere presence of a capable individual is enough to prevent most incidents. As such, executive protection services not only serve to create a safe environment, but they also promote peace of mind. Contact us for a quote on Executive Protection Services today.
Our comprehensive fire and security design service offers life saving recommendations. We excel at designing complete and customized fire and security recommendations. Whether you need to update an existing program or start from the ground up, through comprehensive analysis of current fire, safety and security requirements as well as a look to future needs, we design solutions tailored to your business. Contact us for a quote on Fire Safety and Protection Services today.
The right security program starts with understanding your needs, then responding to them with solutions that work. At Titanium, it doesn’t stop there. We’ll work with you to address challenges and look for new ways to improve your operations potential. We design security solutions for every kind of business, including residential facilities, manufacturing facilities, retail locations, healthcare providers and college campuses. Contact us for a Customized Security Solution today.