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FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

frequently asked questions

Are you MBE Certified?
Yes. SOGIIC, LLC is State of Maryland MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) Certified. We are also DBE (Disadvantage Business Enterprise) and ACDBE (Airport Concessions Disadvanteged Business Enterprise) Certified.

How do I know what type of Officer I need?
SOGIIC can work with you, your employees and property to help you decide what type of officers you need for your security situation.

Different types of officers have different tasks. It may seem like a daunting task to decide what you need to protect all that you have worked for but it can be very simple when you have SOGIIC conduct a security consultation on your property. We will help you determine what type of officers are needed for different locations and we will recommend a plan to get you the right amount of protection for the right price.

What services can an unarmed security officer provide?
A SOGIIC Security Officer can provide low level and limited protection to persons and property. An unarmed guard is restricted by state law to only observe and report incidents, not to take action.

The unarmed Officer is not permitted to intervene in any way with a person that is harming others or property. Unarmed officers are not allowed to prevent access to a building or area, they are only able to monitor and report violations. An unarmed guard can contact authorities and report, call for emergency personnel and assist a client in managing an incident (primarily they are to observe, report, and direct emergency services). While this may sound inappropriate, they become a professional witness to events, and aid in evacuation and in directing emergency services to the situation. If you require positive access control or direct intervention with people to prevent access or to stop an individual from harming others or damaging property on your site, you should request armed security officers with different protocols, higher levels of training and arrest authority.

What services can an armed security officer provide that and unarmed officer cannot?
SOGIIC armed Securty Officers are required to attend mandated minimum training, annual weapons requalification, State of Maryland Police and FBI fingerprint checks, and a company background evaluation. An armed officer is permitted to stop and detain persons, make arrests, prevent entrance to facilities and can intervene to stop or prevent crimes to persons and property in progress using non-lethal and lethal levels of force as the situation warrants and within the constraints of the laws of the State of maryland.

Armed officers are recommended when there are known or expected threats to persons or property, particularly in workplace violence situations, high traffic public areas, or when cash or high value goods are present. Armed officers are also recommended for situations that have a history of danger, or where the client’s liability is at risk in not providing protection to its employees or visitors.

Using a contract security provider as opposed to hiring your own security officer will add a level of safety because all contract security officers are mandated by Maryland state law to undergo mandatory training, local, state and federal background investigations, and strict licensing procedures.

When you hire SOGIIC we take on all the work so you don't have to. SOGIIC assumes the liability for our security officers, which can result in lower insurance costs for you. Since the officers are employed by SOGIIC, we handle all the employment screening, training, payroll, taxes, and equipment costs.

Another advantage of using SOGIIC for your security needs is that you pay one low fee for all services and we take care of the rest! There are no hidden costs or fees; your hourly rate is the exact amount you will be charged and nothing more.

We feel that once you see the professionalism in our officers, our high standards for training and how our officers interact with the public on your property, you will wonder why you waited so long to contact us.